The GT Mini

» Ultra Secure

» Adjustable

» Universal Design

Newest Tow Innovation ..... Safely & Easily Mount Your Tow Lights To Any Surface

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Ultra Secure

This system using 3 locking vacuum suction cups for safe securement to the vehicle being towed is capable of holding 155kg weight.


The 2 locking adjustable angle brackets make it possible for the tow lights to be in the view of the traffic behind even when they are on steep angled surfaces.

Universal Design

The 18 inch powder coated flat bar is universal for both systems of lights either string lights or wireless light bar.

This system is designed to make it possible to Legally display and safely secure tow lights in clear view of the traffic behind on aluminum and carbon fibre or plastic surfaces.

It is very effective for towing aluminum utility trailers, motor homes, buses and boats that are not possible for regular tow lights to be attached.

This system will drastically reduce damages to the vehicle being towed.

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